Babysitting Costs:


The hourly rate for ALL of our Babysitters is £12 per hour, per Babysitter for a maximum of 3 children any more the 3 children is £15 per hour, more than 5 children will require 2 babysitters.

There is a £20 emergency babysitting cost, this is implemented when we find you a babysitter for a job at late notice which is under 6 hours.


Membership Fees:


Nanny P Special Offer - Why not become a Member if you think you may use our service more than 3 times in any one month, otherwise, take advantage of a £5 Booking Fee if you feel you would only like to try out the service.

  • 1 Month Membership just £15 plus childcare providers hourly charges.




  • 3 Month Membership just £40 plus childcare providers hourly charges.




  • 6 Month Membership just £70 plus childcare providers hourly charges.




  • Yearly Membership just £130 plus childcare providers hourly charges.





*Cancellation of Membership Payments*

Please note we cannot cancel Membership Fees for you as you have had to set this up through PayPal as a Direct Debit. This payment is your responsibility - Nannyplondon is not liable for refunds on non-usage of our services.


*Cancellation of Sitter Fees*


If you need to cancel a Nannyplondon Sitter please give us a MINIMUM of 24 hours otherwise there is a £20.00 cancellation fee which should be paid via Paypal @







Kindly Note:   ALL but three of our Babysitters are Female so getting everyone home safely is a priority, this is why we ask you to please ensure you factor in the cost of a Taxi after 10.00 pm

So, once you have decided on your Babysitter please contact NANNY P at where we can check their availability and then explain the costs.




Nanny Introduction Service


Why have we added Nanny Introductions to the site? Over the past 5 years, we have had more clients needing daytime care which leads onto evening care and as our lovely Childminders in SE1 are already overloaded we are being asked for more and more help.



Finder's fee for temporary nannies

This is for a client who only needs cover while their own nanny is away or sick and will be for a maximum of one month. £120 fee will cover:


  • Advertisements for a potential nanny. 

  • Interview potential nannies. 

  • Conduct background check on potential nannies.

  • Introduce a minimum of two potential nannies for client to interview. 

Finder's fee for permanent nannies

£900 Per Successful Nanny Placement(Non-Refundable).This fee is paid in two payments, the first £450 is paid upfront then the second £450 when a start date with your new nanny has been agreed upon.

This can be paid via Paypal through our email address, This does NOT cover any additional babysitting booking fees.








What do you get for your money?



  • Advertise on your behalf for a MINIMUM of 1 MONTH 

  • MINIMUM of two candidates for parent consideration

  • A personal Nanny P check of every Nanny

  • All Nanny's will have an up to date Paediatric First Aid Certificate

  • References from previous/present employers

  • Information on how to obtain a DBS check, if the Nanny doesn't already have one

  • Provide candidates information on courses which would advance their childcare knowledge

  • Information on Nanny Tax, if required

  • An example of an Employer Contract

  • A profile and recent photo, if required

  • All Nanny's/Manny's will wear our Uniform and Lanyard as added Security.


Please contact Nanny P directly if you would like any more information -

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