A Little Information on Nanny P

This is my first ever Blog and after a little thought I decided to give you a little information on the person behind Nannyplondon.

Nanny P is an actual Nanny, she has worked with many children over the years, sometimes up to 4 families in 1 week, phew that was hard going, but she loves her job and was very upset that she couldn't physically help everyone who asked so she decided to ask her fellow Childcare Providers for help. Nearly 3 years on 8 Childcare Providers became 30 and the team is still growing. Nanny P is extremely fussy though, you must pass her requirements before you can join the team and so far we are extremely happy with the way our team is growing.

So, do you really want the hear about Nanny P herself?? Well ok. She is nearly 50!!!!! Yep the big 50 happens in 2015 and as much as she is trying her hardest to prevent it, old age is catching up on her, the hair needs colouring every week now and those glasses really needs to be a little stronger and pleeeeease don't ask about the old creaking joints, ouch!!!

Nanny P has a wonderful Husband and two amazing son's. Both sons are Manny's and work alongside the Nanny P team as well as completing full time University and College Courses, and lets not forget that behind every "Practically Perfect Nanny P" there has to be a "Grumpy Jon", (he gave himeself that name) waiting at home to cook the meals, "because they don't cook themselves"!!!

Currently Nanny P works for 3 amazing families from London to Richmond, (7 children between the 3 families), and I will include links to all their Companies so please do check them out, as well as running Nannyplondon, so now you know why the hair needs colouring every week!!!! Working with so many families has given me an insight into lots of topics that I hope to write about in future Blogs, so if you have something you would like me to review or you would like to add your own review please contact me at info@nannyplondon.co.uk.

Let me finish this first Blog with a few comments made by my little people in Richmond (Richmond Baby Girl):

Nanny P to RBG: "Can I eat you for supper tonight Cressida, I'm so hungry!!"

RBG: "No, you can have sausages!!!"

Walking home and I suddenly realise RBG is singing a new song;

"Nanny P, Daddy P, Mummy P, Nanny P, Daddy P, Mummy P". I guess this means I'm part of her family now.

I hope to add more comments from my little charges on a weekly basis and if you have a few to add, please drop me an email.

Nanny P

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