Makaton Courses 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to the second Nannyplondon Blog. After much consideration it was decided that this month's Blog would be on a Course that Nanny P has wanted to do for many years but "time" and "money" have always stopped her from doing it, so as a special Christmas Gift "Grumpy Jon" gave Nanny P the money to cover both Part 1 (December 2014) and Part 2 (March 2015) and she can honestly say it was the best Christmas present ever.

The first Part was held in December and was run over two weekends, luckily most of Nanny P's Christmas shopping had been done so she had a little spare time to dedicate to other activities!!!! The first day was nerve racking as well as exciting and apart from feeling totally out of her depth she loved every minute of it. Her teacher Laura was extremely patient and didn't mind repeating signs over and over, it also helped that all the other people in the class were novices too.

A month on and she can honestly say that her signing is working. Some children pick it up faster than others but all children will understand some of it and that being said, her youngest little person (9 months old), signed his first word "more" and it felt like she had won the lottery. After asking him to repeat it so she could be sure, which he did with much enthusiasm, she started clapping with joy and now he thinks its all part of the process so signs "more" then claps because he's such a clever boy. A short video clip was recorded and if Mum gives permission I will include it so you can see this clever little boy for yourself.

The second part of the Makaton course starts in March and, after such a promising start, Nanny P can hardly wait to start learning words and signs that everyone takes for granted, like "thank you" this is such a simple sign but its becoming such a task getting children to actually say the words never mind sign them that she knows "patience" will also need to be retaught. If you have ever thought about doing a course and would like some information on Companies and Costs please do get in touch and I will give you all the information I have.

This month's comments re from a little person in Stoke Newington (SNBG) and a little person in Richmond (RBG):

Nanny P to RBG: "you went to Germany recently, what did you see there?"

RBG: "I went to an Art Museum and I saw amazing culture"

After recovering from this statement I telephoned Mum and repeated what she had said, Mum was definately surprised and said she would do a little research on what she had said because she didn't recollect going to an Art Museum. Later that evening Mum confirmed that not only had NO ONE taken RBG to an Art Museum but NO ONE had ever said the words "amazing culture"!!! I swear this little girl has an old head on young shoulders....

Nanny P to SNBG: "If you don't stop you will do a timeout"

SNBG: "I love you Nanny P"

Even at the young age of 3 years old this little girl can manipulate any situation.

Finally I would like to congratulate our Trainee Manny "Luke" on becoming Babysitter of the Month, Luke has shown lots of dedication to his clients despite his College Work, Rugby Practice and Police Cadet committments, keep up the hard work Luke, your very much appreciated.

Until next time, stay warm and please drop me a line if you have anything you would like to add to the site, all feedback is very welcome.

Nanny P

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