Sleep Training

Hello Everyone, apologies for the delay in writing my 3rd Blog. Boy what a busy few months, I fininshed my Makaton Training, which means that I could start using Makaton with all my little clients. This has become a bit of a challenge for me as I forget that not all of them understand and end up getting completely ignored or they ask "Nanny P, what are you saying??" But I will continue using it on a regular basis as it will help me remember the signs and eventually the younger clients will be able to communicate without becoming frustrated.

In May 2015, Grumpy Jon, bought Nanny P a birthday present that she has been wanting for a long time and I must admit that this birthday present was another Course. Run by Babyem, a company I highly recommend for anything Child related, it was a Sleep Training Level 3 Course and I did find it a struggle. At nearly 50 I did question myself "why are you subjecting your tired old brain to all this information", but the outcome was amazing. I have learnt more about sleep patterns, techniques and body clocks than I ever would have just by reading books alone. It took 3 looonnnnggg weeks to complete all the course work, although we were given 5 weeks to complete it, and I did nag my eldest son for his assistance on reading through the answers, just to see if I answered the questions correctly, but 1 week after submitting the coursework I received an email saying I had "PASSED". The feeling was pure shock at first, because I had convinced myself I would need to re-submit, but once the shock wore off the feeling of euphoria took over and I couldn't stop smiling, I had acheieved another goal.

So where does this take me now?? I will be honest, for some time, I have been thinking about going down another avenue. My clients are growing up and some of my long term clients have had changes happen which have had an effect on my own circumstances, so doing a Course where I could do Consultations looked very appealing. I now need to think about finding a whole new clientelle base, advertising and putting all this new knowledge into practice. I will keep you posted on what happens but, in the meantime, if you are interested in having Nanny P consult on a sleep technique for your little one please do get in touch, I would love to hear from anyone having problems. Bye for now.


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