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Apologies to all for not keeping this Blog up to date. Since I last posted we’ve had the Bermondsey Street Festival which was jointly hosted with Jacqui Tomkins, Independant Midwife of the Year 2014 and Chair of IMUK. We had lots of new Mum’s come over for a chat and that inspired me to look into new Courses which will help anyone with children or who are about to have children.

Issue's that came up included, sleep training, breastfeeding and birth trauma. So, as Nanny P has major impulses to help people whenever the need arises, she booked courses for Sleep Training and Breastfeeding and is currently waiting on dates for her Birth Trauma Course. If anyone would like to discuss these courses in more detail please do contact us at info@nannyplondon.com.

Meanwhile, Jacqui Tomkins and Nanny P decided more needs to be done for women who suffer any type of trauma through a pregnancy, which is now leading Nanny P down another avenue, Birth Trauma. This covers everything from Miscarriages, Unplanned Pregnancy, Traumatic Births, Postnatal Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and so much more. Together we have decided that if a woman is in need we want to be there to help, and who better to help than Women who have actually been through a selection of traumas themselves.

So watch this space because once all the course's have been completed we want you to make full use of our site to contact us.

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