Travelling Abroad with a Nanny

Hello All,

I hope you all had a lovely Summer. With the Bermondsey Street Festival behind us we have been busy with requests from Clients asking about taking Nanny's abroad. What should they pay for?? Do they still get a wage?? Should they pay for the Nanny's food costs?? Should we give her free time?? Well as a Nanny who does go abroad with her clients I can answer those questions:

1. What should the Client pay for: The client should pay for, the Nanny's Travel, Accommodation and Food.

2. Should a Nanny still get paid: Simple answer is Yes, would you go abroad for work for free, so why expect your Nanny to do it. They are giving up their family and free time to help you, of course they should get paid. They should expect to get the same as they would normally get paid per hour and if they are expected to do Babysitting then they should also get paid for that job too.

3. Does the Client have to pay for food: Yes, you should pay for their food, most of the time the Nanny will either be with you or caring for your children who, will need to be fed, so just add an extra mouth to the daily costs.

4. Should we give the Nanny free time: Yes of course. Your Nanny is not with you 24/7 at home so why would you expect her to be with you 24/7 on holiday.

I would also add that if the Nanny is expected to take the children out on a daily basis please make sure she has a purse which will cover the costs of travel, admission costs, food and drinks and other expenditures, such as gifts. I hope I've covered any queries you might have had, but if I haven't and you still have questions you would like answered please send me an email and I will do my best to help.

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